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Suzhou Fujijia Elevator Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture with 20 years of elevator manufacturing history authorized by Japan in China. The main products include passenger elevators, villa elevators, freight elevators, escalators, etc. 

Villa Elevator


Villa Elevator

No need for a traditional machine room, without any construction cost increase. Specially designed rucksack frame for the home elevator with traction ratio 2:1. VVVF drive technology, FUJI SAKURA home elevator appropriative micro processing control. Side +roller composite guide shoe. The appropriate traction machine bracket is fixed on the guide rail. The building will not have any load. We apply 220V single-phase home elevator special machine. Automatic special door machine, synchronous timing belt transmission, TUV CE certification passed. Comply with “Home Elevator National Standard GB/T21739-2008 “. Multiple hoistway solutions– Steel shaft, Aluminum shaft, Concrete shaft. 4 design schemes to solve the diverse shaft design of customers–Trachine machine type, hydraulic type,forced-drive type, belt steel type.

The FJS Fujijia Villa Elevator uses a miniaturized motor with the high-efficiency operation and lowers noise branding. It is certified by TUV CE and does not require a traditional machine room. This elevator is perfect for villas and other private residences.

Panoramic Elevator
Standard Cabin Design
Ceiling : hairline stainless steel mirror , acrylic light-emitting panel
Ventlation : Axial Fan
Car Wall : Hairline stainless steel
Car Door : Hailine stainless steel
Car bottom : PVC floor
Fuji Elevator Benefit
Drive Type : Gearless Machine
Rated Spped (max ) : 0.4m/s
Load : 260  to  400 kgs
Door Opening : 2 panels centre opening/side opening
Pit Depth : ≥300 mm
Overhead:≥3000 mm
Motor power : 1-phase 240V 50 HZ
Lighting power: 1-phase 240V 50HZ
Villa Elevator

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