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Suzhou Fujijia Elevator Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture with 20 years of elevator manufacturing history authorized by Japan in China. The main products include passenger elevators, villa elevators, freight elevators, escalators, etc. 

Hospital elevator manufacturer

hospital elevator

Hospital Elevator

Hospital elevators, also known as medical elevators or healthcare elevators, are specialized elevators designed to meet the unique requirements of hospitals and healthcare facilities. These elevators play a crucial role in efficiently transporting patients, staff, and medical equipment throughout the hospital premises.

  1. Size and Capacity: Hospital elevators are typically larger in size compared to standard elevators to accommodate stretchers, beds, and medical equipment. They have higher weight capacities to handle the transportation of heavy loads.

  2. Accessibility: Hospital elevators must be accessible to individuals with mobility challenges, such as patients on wheelchairs or using crutches. They often feature wider entrances, handrails, and controls at varying heights to cater to different users’ needs.

  3. Emergency Operations: Given the critical nature of healthcare settings, hospital elevators are equipped with emergency features. These may include emergency stop buttons, backup power supply, and intercom systems to communicate with the hospital staff in case of emergencies.

  4. Sterilization and Hygiene: In healthcare environments, infection control is essential. Hospital elevators may have features like antimicrobial surfaces, easy-to-clean materials, and hands-free controls to minimize the risk of spreading infections.

  5. Traffic Management: Hospitals experience high elevator traffic, especially during peak hours. Advanced hospital elevator systems use smart algorithms to optimize elevator dispatching, minimizing wait times and efficiently managing passenger flow.

  6. Code Compliance: Hospital elevators must meet specific safety standards and building codes set by regulatory authorities, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and local fire safety regulations.

  7. Service and Freight Elevators: Hospitals often have separate elevators for patient transportation and other functions. Service elevators are used for transporting supplies, waste, and equipment, while freight elevators handle heavier loads such as large medical equipment or furniture.

  8. It’s worth noting that specific designs and features of hospital elevators may vary depending on the facility’s size, patient population, and local regulations. Manufacturers specializing in elevator systems for healthcare settings can provide customized solutions tailored to a hospital’s unique requirements.

As the best hospital elevator manufacturer in China, the FJS Hospital bed elevator is a high-quality, reliable, and comfortable product that offers great value for the patient and the hospital. It is designed to transfer patients in a safe, comfortable, and efficient way between floors in a hospital or other medical facility. This elevator is equipped with a number of safety features including an emergency stop button. Meanwhile, the elevator works also very quietly.

Fuji Sakura bed elevator has been specially designed according to the special requirements of the beds. The bright and concise car design provides the passengers with a sense of being spacious, bright, and clean. Such equipment as an Electro-magnet compatibility manipulator for the disabled to create a relaxing and harmonious space for both the patients and the medical staff. It displays the humane and considerate care of the fuji sakura elevator. We can provide traction and hydraulic type design to clients.

Hospital Elevator
hospital elevator manufacturer
Standard Cabin Design
Ceiling : hairline stainless steel LED energy saving light
Ventlation : Axial Fan
Car Wall : Hairline stainless steel
Car Door : Hailine stainless steel
Car bottom : PVC floor
Handrial:Double flat stainless steel
Fuji Elevator Benefit
Drive Type : Gearless Machine
Rated Spped (max ) : 6.0m/s
Load : 450  to  1600 kgs
Door Opening : 2 panels centre opening/side opening
Pit Depth : ≥1200 mm
Overhead:≥3600 mm
Motor power : 1-phase 240V/3-phase 240V/415V 50 HZ
Lighting power: 1-phase 240V 50HZ
Drive Type : Hydraulic
Rated Spped (max ) : 1.0m/s
Load : 450  to  1600 kgs
Door Opening : 2 panels centre opening/side opening
Pit Depth : ≥1000 mm
Overhead:≥3500 mm
Motor power : 1-phase 240V/3-phase 240V/415V 50 HZ
Lighting power: 1-phase 240V 50HZ

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