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Suzhou Fujijia Elevator Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture with 20 years of elevator manufacturing history authorized by Japan in China. The main products include passenger elevators, villa elevators, freight elevators, escalators, etc. 

Enclosed Vertical Platform Lift


Enclosed Vertical Platform Lift

Fuji Sakura is an innovative elevator company that specialized in the development and manufacturing of residential vertical platform lifts. Fuji Sakura Elevator is good at non-standard design, as well as personalized customization of platform elevator, providing customers with technical consultation, design, manufacturing and installation, after-sales service, and other full-process and comprehensive services. Our platform lift adopts steel belt traction drive technology. Compared with traditional elevators, our platform elevator can maximize the use of shaft space and implement accurate position and speed detection.

Fuji sakura commercial vertical platform lifts benefits :

Absolute position, use nice layers.
The shaft is simpler and more beautiful
Durable: IP54 protection level,dirt-resistant, smoke-proof and moisture-proof
One-click self-learning, easier debugging
Min civil engineer plane size 930*880
Pit depth 0-60 mm
The silent scrolling friction among the worn belt and the traction wheel, as well as the bottom wheels, minimizes the noise interference.

FJS elevator
Panoramic lift
Standard Cabin Design
Platform wall: Hairline stainless steel panel (standard)
Lighting: LED light strips
Floor: PVC
Landing door: Aluminum frame +Tempering glass
Shaft: Aluminum frame +Tempering glass
Fuji Elevator Benefit
Drive Type: Belt traction
Rated speed (max):0.4 m/s
Load: 180-400 kg
Door opening: single leaf swing door, center opening door, unequal double door
Pit depth:0-60 mm
Overhead :≥2500 mm
Motor power: 1-phase 220V/3-phase 220V/415v 50HZ
Lighting Power : 1-phase 220V 50HZ

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