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Suzhou Fujijia Elevator Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture with 20 years of elevator manufacturing history authorized by Japan in China. The main products include passenger elevators, villa elevators, freight elevators, escalators, etc. 


Escalator elevator


Fuji sakura escalator and moving walk fully apply the advanced manufacturer craft and technology. It greatly enhances the product properties and prolongs the service cycle of the escalator. It directly reduces the operation cost of the clients. Optional variable frequency drive technology gets noticeable energy-saving effects. It cuts off the escalator running cost to the greatest extent.

Energy-saving control system:

New and practical patent: Infrared ray detector in escalator entry probes whether passenger enters into escalator or not. The output terminal of the infrared ray detector connects with an input terminal of the controller. The controller has a bilateral connection with the timer and frequency changer. Controller also links with the vibration-testing sensor. Vibration-testing sensor connects with the escalator motor. The organic connection of these technical characteristics composes a kind of energy-saving escalator control system.

Escalator and Moving Walk
Escalator elevator

Highly sensitive modular structure:

It has the characteristics of volume speed monitoring, intelligent operation, fast calculation speed, safety, and reliability, etc. The pressure sensor is used to detect the feedback signal input into the control cabinet, and the control point element and the sprocket provide a guarantee for the safety of the escalator New escalator lubrication devices, including worm gear oilers, etc., provide lubrication safety for escalators Non-operational reversal monitoring device for the escalator, providing safety monitoring of the escalator.

Seismic truss installation intelligent control:

With the function of anti-seismic and anti-natural disasters Provides lubrication safety for moving walks while improving safety monitoring for moving walks Safe braking methods and devices provide a guarantee for the safety of automatic human lanes The quiet device, designed with buffer bearing wheels and multi-row chain drive, to achieve environmental protection and low noise effect

Escalator elevator
Escalator elevator
Fuji Elevator Benefit
Degree : 30/35
Speed :0.5-0.75
Max travel height:30 meters
Step width: 600mm;800mm;1000 mm
Postion : Supermarket , Shopping mall ,Hospital, Subway ,Airport etc .
Degree :0 -12
Speed :0.5 m/s
Step width: 600mm;800mm;1000 mm
Postion : Supermarket , Shopping mall ,Airport etc.

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